We have updated our print sections and have added several new categories including British Watercolors, American Paintings, and Fine Natural History Books.  A new section in Ornithology, but still under construction, has been opened for a group of incredible prints from The Linnean Society's Birds Collected in the Philippine Archipelago with the stunning hand-colored plates by John Gerrard Keulemans.  There are now some colorful Topographical Watercolors of Great Britain and the Continent by Artists such as William Leighton Leitch, William Collingwood Smith, Edward E. Hodgson, Georgina Deane, and Captain Charles Hope who traveled through the Middle East, India and China.  Just added are some superb watercolors from the Reverend John Louis Petit.  We hope to have more items up in a few weeks for your perusal!!

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Ornithological Prints

We are pleased to offer a nice collection of fine hand-colored lithographs from the folios of John Gould.  These are among the most popular bird prints ever made and over his career he produced stunning images of the Birds of the World.  We have fine examples from Birds of Asia, Birds of Great Britain, Birds of Europe, Birds of New Guinea, and two superb and very rare Aracaris by Edward Lear from the first edition of Gould's Toucans.  In addition to works by Gould, we have some magnificent hand-colored folio engravings from Prideaux James Selby's, British Ornithology.  Other works by artists such as John Gerrard Keulemans, John James Audubon, Josef Wolf, and Josef Smit shall be displayed as they become available.


Fine 19th Century American & European Paintings, British Watercolors, & Color Plate Natural History Books


A Victorian Flora, the Botanical Watercolors of Miss Emily Stackhouse (1811-1870)


Please click on the images above for the Emily Stackhouse Biography, my article for Country Life magazine, or the preface to my book!!

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Animal & Botanical Prints

      Plus Fine Botanicals, British Topographical Watercolours, Chinese Rice Paper Watercolors, Topographical prints, Heraldry Watercolors, and much, much more!!

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